• The posters will be displayed between October 26-28, 2011 at the Exhibition Area of the Harbiye Military Museum according to the following schedule:

    Poster Mount Date & Time : October 26, 2011 at 08:00
    Poster Remove Date & Time :
    October 28, 2011 at 12:30

    The organization secretariat is not responsible for the posters that haven't been removed after the session.

    Poster Viewing Schedule
    Dates : October 26-27-28, 2011
    Time   : 10:45 - 11:15
    Hall    : Exhibition Hall

    Poster discussions will take place in front of the posters. Presenters should be beside their posters during the viewing date and times and should have handouts of their poster available.

    Please find the instructions of the poster presentation below, the organizers will provide suitable fixing materials during the mounting times.

  • Posters should be approximately 70 cm in width and 100 cm in height.
  • Posters must be legible from a distance of about 1 m.
  • Please indicate the title, name(s) of author(s), institutional address (es) of author(s).
  • The title should be written in capital letters 2.5 cm high.
  • The authors should be present by their posters at the scheduled time.
  • Discussions will take place in front of the posters.


Prizes will be awarded for the 3 best Poster Presentations.


Risk Management Plans

PP001. Prescribing and Dispensing Thalidomide in Turkey: Compliance with the Thalidomide Risk Management Program (TRMP)
S. Oncel, A.N. Aslan, P. Sheehan, J. Freeman and R. Bwire

PP002. Adjudicating Equivocal Pregnancy Test Results within the Lenalidomide Risk Minimization Program in Turkey: A Case Report
B. Ozcan, A.N. Aslan, S.T. Kaehler, J. Freeman and R. Bwire

PP003. Effectiveness Assessment Survey of the Spanish Risk Management Plan for Lenalidomide
L. Brum, D. Laplaza, S.T. Kaehler, J. Freeman and R. Bwire

PP004. Herceptin_ (Trastuzumab): Risk Management Planning
S. Daniels, M. Johnston and L. Hiles

PP005. Completeness of Protocols of Post-Authorisation Safety Studies (PASS) Included in EU Risk Management Plans (EU-RMPs): Preliminary Analysis
C. Drai, A. Fourrier Reglat, P. Arlett and X. Kurz

PP006. Web-Based Prescription Guide As a Country-Specific Risk Minimization Measure: An Application from Turkey
B. Unal, S. Koseoglu, H. Oberender and S. Heaton

PP007. Analysis of Risk Minimizations Activities (RMA) for Products Approved via Centralized Procedure (CP) since 1 January 2010 to 31 March 2011
S. Baquero and E. Falco

PP008. The Drugs Monitored by TUFAM with Risk Management Plan (RMP)
Y. Kasap, D.N. Aydınkarahaliloglu, E. Aykac¸, C. Babacanoglu,G. Sagis, H. Ilbars, H. Ozbek and S. Saim

PP009. Mandatory Risk Management Plans in Argentina
I. Bignone, C.L. Santucci and P.A. Mariani

PP010. A Review of Pharmacovigilance and Risk Minimisation Measures Associated with Biosimilar Products Approved in the EU
B. Mulchrone, C. Key and W. Lee

Signal Detection

PP011. Feasibility of Conducting Data Mining for Signal Detection Using a Canadian Administrative Claims Database (RAMQ)
L. Nkeng, T. Ducruet,S. Be´land, F. Nekka,J. Lelorier and Y. Moride

PP012. Cefixime-Induced Thrombocytopenia Requiring Multiple Platelet Transfusions in Diabetic Foot
A.R. Burande, M.A. Burande and S.C. Sahni

PP013. Identifying Drugs Causing Acute Immune Thrombocytopenia: Results from the Berlin Case- Control Surveillance Study
E. Garbe, F. Andersohn, E. Bronder, A. Salama, A. Klimpel, M. Thomae, H. Schrezenmeier, M. Hildebrandt, E. Spath Schwalbe, A. Gruneisen and H. Kurtal

PP014. Identifying Adverse Drug Reactions Associated with Drug-Drug Interactions: Comparison of DataMining of Spontaneous Reporting Databases
N. Mirosevic Skvrce, V. Macolic Sarinic,D. Krnic, S. Tomic, I. Mucalo and N. Bozina

PP015. From Signal Detection to Evaluation to Action: The Experience of Pediacel_ and Apnea
A. Pinc¸on, G. Carrigan, F. Sillan, A. Khromava and C. Pierfitte

PP016. The Application of Signal Detection in the Taiwan National Adverse Drug Reaction Reporting System: Metformin-Associated Lactic Acidosis (MALA) as an Example
P. Chao, W. Ke, W. Chen and A. On

PP017. Safety Profile of Antiviral Analogues: A Case/Non-Case Study Using the Italian Spontaneous Reporting Database
R. Bonaiuti, A. Pugi, M. Tuccori , M. Moschini,1 V. Maggini, L. Sottosanti, S. Potenza, F. Ferrazin, A. Mugelli, A. Vannacci and F. Lapi

PP018. Performance of Disproportionality Analysis when Applying Information of Concomitant Medication and Labelling
E. van Puijenbroek, J. Scholl and K. van Grootheest

PP019. Trending and Signalling of Medical Device Safety Reports
F. Schneiweiss, D. Villegas, W. Ye, O. Ayela Uwangue, J. Babuschak and S. Yonren

PP020. Three-Year Experience with Safety Signal Detection Process Tracking at Sanofi Pasteur
C. David, C. Legendre, G. Ferreira and A. Khromava

PP021. An Assessment of Bayesian Confidence Propagation Neural Network Method for Adverse Drug Reaction Signal Generation in Presence of Reporting Bias
P. Ghosh and A. Dewanji

PP022. When Databases Collide: The Impact on Data Mining Analysis of Merging Two Large Pharmaceutical Company Safety Data Bases
M. Hauben and E. Hung

PP023. Comparison of Safety Profile of Racemate Drugs and Their Enantiomers: Analysis of the French Pharmacovigilance Database
C. Caillet, L. Moachon, J. Montastruc and H. Bagheri

PP024. Oseltamivir and Pancreatitis
M. Kriska, R. Hudec, L. Sallstedt and R. Hill

PP025. Drug-Induced Hyponatremia: A Quantitative Exploration of Suspect Drugs and Drug Interactions in the WHO UMC Database
M. Hauben and R. Mozenter

PP026. Analysis of the French Pharmacovigilance Database for a Controversial Adverse Drug Reactions:  Bleeding Risk in Patients Exposed to Antiplatelet Plus Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor (SRIs) Drugs
F. Maschino, C. Hurault Delarue, L. Chebbane, V. Fabry, J. Montastruc and H. Bagheri

PP027. Imatinib and Hyperparathyroidism
M. Teeling, S. Ghareh Chaie  and J. Johansson

PP028. Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs-Associated Acute Generalized Exanthematous Pustulosis (AGEP): Reports from the Italian Pharmacovigilance Database
M. Donati, L. Sottosanti , S. Potenza, L. Catalano, F.Ferrazin, S. Opri, R. Leone and A. Conforti

PP029. Automated Signal Detection Methods May not be Applicable to Small and Medium-Sized Drug Safety Databases
Y. Moride, F. Thiessard and B. Be´gaud

PP030. Signal Detection: Thailand Experiences
C. Jamekornkul and W. Suwankesawong

PP031. Electronic Healthcare Record (EHR) Databases for Drug Safety Signal Detection: What CanWe Expect?
P.M. Coloma, G. Trifiro`,M.J. Schuemie,R. Gini, R. Herings, J. Hippisley Cox, G. Mazzaglia,G. Picelli, G. Corrao, L. Pedersen, J. Van Der Lei and M. Sturkenboom

PP032. ARITMO Project. Ventricular Arrhythmia Associated to Antimicrobials, Antipsychotics and H1-Antihistamines: an Analysis of the French Spontaneous Reporting Database
F. Salvo, A. Fourrier Reglat, U. Moretti , P. Auriche, N. Moore, M.C. Sturkenboom, F. De Ponti and A. Pariente

PP033. ARITMO Project. Competition Bias for Ventricular Arrhythmia between AZERT Drugs and Antipsychotics: An Analysis of the French Spontaneous Reporting Database
A. Fourrier Reglat, F. Salvo, U. Moretti , P. Auriche, N. Moore, M. Sturkenboom, F. De Ponti and A. Pariente

PP034. Signal Detection Based on Proportional Reporting Ratio in Spontaneous Reporting Databases: Comparison of the Evans Criteria versus False Discovery Rate
M. Rottenkolber, S. Schmiedl, S. Mueller, K. Salje, M. Hippius, A. Scheuerlein, K. Farker, P.A. Thu¨rmann and J. Hasford

PP035. Event Competition Bias in Signal Detection from Spontaneous Reporting:
Could what we Know Hide what we Ignore?
A. Pariente, F. Salvo, F. Leborgne, F. Thiessard, F. Bazin, N. Moore and B. Be´gaud

PP036. A Brief View: PSUR and National Report Assessment Department Operations Procedure in Turkey
O. Karakoyunlu, S. Altınel, E. Topcu, E. Sen, S. Polat, H. Ilbars, H. Ozbek and S. Kerman

PP037. Classification of PSUR and National Reports, which Were Assessed in 2010 According to ATC Classification
O. Karakoyunlu, S. Altınel, E. Topcu, E.Sen, S. Polat, H. Ilbars, H. Ozbek and S. Kerman

PP038. Palonosetron Surveillance Data: A Favourable Benefit-Risk Balance in Post-Marketing Use
M. Bertazzoli, F. Tescione, S. Sebastianiand S. Cantoreggi

PP039. Risk of Autoimmune Disorders after Immunisation with Influenza A/H1N1 Vaccines with and without Adjuvant: Preliminary Results from EudraVigilance
A. Isai, S. Le Meur, A. Hidalgo Simon, P. Arlett and X. Kurz

PP040. Vaccine Pharmacovigilance: Routine Use in Children
S.E. Aghahowa

PP041. Serbian National Pharmacovigilance Centre Review of AEFI  During Intensive Monitoring of Focetria Vaccine Administration
J. Pilic, J. Babic and M. Eric

PP042. Risk of Febrile Seizures Associated with the Measles-Mumps-Rubella-Varicella Combination Vaccine (MMRV): Data from Spontaneous Reporting in Italy
U. Moretti, G. Zanoni , A. Conforti,R. Lora, E. Arzenton, F. Trotta and C. Santuccio

PP043. Spontaneous Reporting of Adverse Reactions to Pneumococcal Vaccination in Children
C. Santuccio, F. Menniti Ippolito, L. Tartaglia, F. Trotta, D. Morlino and U. Moretti

PP044. 2009 H1N1 Influenza Vaccines in Pregnant Women: A Survey in South West France
E. Omon, C. Damase Michel, C. Hurault, I. Lacroix, J. Montastruc, S. Oustric and B. Escourrou

PP045. Monitoring Adverse Reactions of the Cantgrip_Vaccine
C. Pop, A.M. Farcas, D.C. Leucuta, C. Bucsa, D. Faraian, D.R. Florea,D. Tatulescu and M.T. Bojita

PP046. Abscess at Injection Site with Diphtheria,Tetanus, Pertussis and Haemophilus Influenzae Type b Vaccine (Analysis of Moroccan Pharmacovigilance Database)
A. Tebaa, A. Zineddine and R. Soulaymani Bencheikh

PP047. Impact of Non-Vaccine-Related Reports on Statistical Signal Detection for Vaccines in Spontaneous Reporting Databases
U. Moretti, R. Lora, G. Zanoni , L. Tartaglia, F. Ferrazin, G.P. Velo and C. Santuccio

PP048. Review of Adverse Events Following Immunization Submitted to WHO-UMC by Turkish Pharmacovigilance Center (TUFAM) between 2005 and May 2011
D. Aydinkarahaliloglu, Y. Kasap, E. Aykac¸,G. Sagis, C. Babacanoglu, H. Ilbars,A. Kara, H.Ozbek and S. Kerman

PP049. Adverse Events Following Immunization with OPV in Adults in Kinshasa: Preliminary Results
D.B. Nzolo, D.B. Pandi, T.N. Mpiempie, S.B. Banzundama, B.L. Mvete, O. Mboma, M.M. Lusakibanza, Y.N. Lula, F.B. Makila, G.K. Mesia, C.N. Nsibu and G.L. Tona

PP050. Surveillance of Adverse Events Following Immunization (AEFI) with Trivalent Inactivated Influenza Vaccine in Canada: Was an Increase in the Number of Febrile Seizures Observed for the 2010–2011 Vaccination Campaign?
J. Lafleche, R. Pless and B. Law

PP051. Antimalarial Drugs Pharmacovigilance in National Malaria Control Programme  of DR Congo
Y.N. Lula, J.Y. Liwono, P.N. Ntamabyaliro, D.B. Nzolo, B.Y. Salumu, B.L. Mvete, G.K. Mesia,S.M. Mampunza and G.L. Tona

PP052. Adverse Drug Reactions to Antiretroviral Drugs at Lagos University Teaching Hospital HIV Clinic, Lagos, South West Nigeria
I.A. Oreagba, O. Agede, T. Adeyemo, C.S. Ejekam, O. Opanuga, S. Akanmu, O. Awodele, T. Adeyemo and S. Akanmu

PP053. Spontaneous Adverse Event Reporting of First-Line Anti-Tuberculosis Drugs in  One Regional Pharmacovigilance Center
H. Park, G. Jung, H. Hwang, K. Shin, M. Kim, G. Lee, K. Kim,
M. Lee and S. Park

PP054. Safety of Artesunate Amodiaquine (AS/AQ) and  Artemether- Lumefantrine (AL) in Accra, Ghana: A Cohort Study
A.N. Dodoo, A. Adomako Bonsu, M. Abdul Sulley and C. Otieku Boadu

PP055. Antiretrovirals and Pregnancy: A Case Series
E. Sole´, G. Maura, E. Herlem, M. Germain and T. Trenque

PP056. Strengthening Pharmacovigilance System Through Leveraging Resources from Public Health Programmes in Nigeria
A.I. Osakwe, U.G. Elemuwa, B.O. Akinola and C.K. Suku

PP057. Establishing a Pharmacovigilance Database in Romania: Practical Value
A.M. Farcas, T. Chiorean, D. Leucuta, R. Cherechesand M. Bojita

PP058. Knowledge of Healthcare Professionals to Report Adverse Drug Reaction in Nepal: A Preliminary Study
S. Kc, P. Tragulpiankit, S. Gorsanan and R. Edwards

PP059. Provision and Accuracy of Safety Information on Package Inserts of Selected Registered Medicines in Sudan
S. Osman, Z. Mutasim, A. Suliman and Y. Hamid

PP060. A Difference in ADR (Adverse Drug Reaction) Mortality Rate in Thai Tuberculosis Patients between Year 2008–2009
S. Wechwithan and P. Sriphiromya

PP061. Analysis of Characteristics about Drug Adverse Events Reports Received in KFDA during 2008–2010
J. Ha, Y. Kim and M. Chung

PP062. Tamoxifen-Duloxetine: Risk of Reduced Therapeutic Response of Tamoxifen
J. Mahe, G. Veyrac, J. Mathevet and P. Jolliet

PP063. Interaction between Levothyroxine and Ritonavir-Boosted Amprenavir in Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infected Patients
A. Ruellan, G. Veyrac, M. Lefebvre, B. Bonnet, C. Brunet Francois and P. Jolliet

PP064. Implementing Effective PV in National Malaria Control Programme of DR Congo
Y.N. Lula, P.N. Ntamabyaliro, J.Y. Liwono, T.N. Mpiempie, S.B. Bazundama, G.K. Mesia, C.N. Nsibu and G.L. Tona

PP065. A Suspected Local Eruption due to Simethicone
G. Lakhoua, S. El Aidli, R. Daghfous and M. Lakhal

PP066. Peginterferon Alpha 2a Side Effects: A Retrospective Study
G. Lakhoua, S. El Aidli, A. Zaiem, S. Kastalli, I. Aouinti, R. Daghfous and M. Lakhal

PP067. Use of Intensive Pharmacovigilance by Specialist Physicians:
Prescription of Thalidomide in Venezuela 2009–2010
L.H. Valdivieso and B.C. Ruiz

PP068. Cost-Benefit Analysis of Pharmacist Interventions Related to Determine Preventable Adverse Drug Reactions for Hospitalized Patients in Thailand
T. Uaviseswong, U. Chaikledkaew and P. Tragulpiankit

PP069. From Quality to Safety by Using Quality by Design (qbd)
B. Aksu, A. Paradkar, M. De Matas, O .Ozer, T. Guneri and P. York

PP070. Impact of Polypharmacy on Adverse Drug Reactions  Among Geriatric Patients in Penang Hospital
Y.W. Kassab, M.F. Najjar, H.A. Abdulrazzaq, Y. Hassan, N. Abd Aziz and R. Ghazali

PP071. Improving Yellow Card to Detect Medication Errors
L. Alj, R. Benkirane, S. Pal, S. Olsson and R. Soulaymani

PP072. The Role of Pharmacovigilance Centres in Medication Errors Management
L. Alj, R. Benkirane and R. Soulaymani

PP073. Medication Errors in an Hospital Ward
C. Le Beller, M. Soyer, F. Bellenfant, A. Lillo Le Louet and D. Journois

PP074. Safety of Atrovent_ CFC-Free MDI (Metered Dose Inhaler):  An Example of Protopathic Bias in Observational Cohort Studies
V. Osborne, D. Layton, E. Tong and S. Shakir

PP075. Active Surveillance of the Introduction of Atrovent_ CFC-free MDI (Metered Dose Inhaler) into General Practice in England: Characteristics of Users
V. Osborne, D. Layton, E. Tong and S. Shakir

PP076. Analysis of Vildagliptin Utilisation from Interim Prescription-Event Monitoring (PEM) Results: Focus on ‘Off Label’ use in Support of Risk Management
V. Osborne, D. Layton, C. Fogg and S. Shakir

PP077. Drug Utilisation Data for Seroquel XL:  Results of a First Interim Modified PEM Study Report
A. Gilchrist, M. Davies, D. Layton and S. Shakir

PP078. FDA Final Rule on IND Safety Reporting: Impact to Your Clinical Studies
S. Van Doren

PP079. Reliability of the Reported Ingested Dose of Acetaminophen for Predicting the Risk of Toxicity in Acetaminophen Overdose Patients
S.H. Zyoud, R. Awang, S. Syed Sulaiman and S.W. Al Jabi

PP080. Adverse Drug Events in Hospitalized Patients with Acetaminophen Overdose Treated with Intravenous N-Acetylcysteine
S.H. Zyoud, R. Awang, S. Syed Sulaiman and S.W. Al Jabi

PP081. ‘‘Serious’’ Cutaneous Reactions with ProteinKinase Inhibitors
E. Bondon Guitton, E. Faye, P. Olivier Abbal, H. Bagheri, J. Montastruc

PP082. Pharmacovigilance in Kyrgyzstan
S. Moldoisaeva and A. Zurdinov

PP083. Pharmacovigilance Committee Activities of the Association of Research-Based Pharmaceutical Companies after the Release of Pharmacovigilance Regulation in Turkey
A. Erkahraman, Z. Nefesoglu and S. Epceli

PP084. Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors and Gastrointestinal Bleeding: A Meta-Analysis
A. Carvajal, C. Trecen˜o, M. Sa´inz, I. Salado, N. Jimeno, V. Velasco and L. Martı´n Arias

PP085. Therapeutic Drug Monitoring and Pharmacogenetic Tests: New Tools to Prevent Drug Side Effects
E. My Elhassan, F. Houda, E. Afaf and H. Farid

PP086. Benign Intracranial Hypertension Associated to Progesterone Utrogestan:
About One Case
A. Elrherbi, M.E. Elkarimi, H. Filali, A. Tazi and F. Hakkou

PP087. A Recurrent Drug Rash with Eosinophilia and Systemic Symptoms
N. Fathallah, C. Jeddi , R. Slim,C. Belajouza,R. Nouira, C. Ben Salem and K. Bouraoui

PP088. Codeine-Induced Generalized Dermatitis
N. Fathallah, B. Trimech, L. Boussofara, I. Ghali, R. Slim, C. Ben Salem and K. Bouraoui

PP089. Paradoxal Exacerbation of Rash Under Budesonide Therapy
N. Fathallah, S. Chatti , R. Slim, C. Belajouza, C. Ben Salem and K. Bouraoui

PP090. Rituximab-Induced Leucocytoclastic Vasculitis: A Case Report with Brief Review of Literature
N. Fathallah, A. Alaoua, R. Slim, F.Bahri , C. Ben Salem and K. Bouraoui

PP091. Reactivation of Pulmonary and Cutaneous Sarcoidosis after Treatment for Chronic Hepatitis C with Pegylated Interferon Alpha and Ribavirin
N. Fathallah, M. Zamy, R. Slim, K. Bouraoui, C. Ben Salem and M. Biour

PP092. Esomeprazole-Induced Recurrent Anaphylactic Shock with Positive Skin Prick Tests
N. Fathallah,A. Alaoua, R. Slim, F. Bahri , K. Bouraoui and C. Ben Salem

PP093. A Study on Assessment, Monitoring and Reporting of Adverse Drug Reactions in an Indian Hospital
S. Palanisamy, K.S. Arul Kumaran and A. Rajasekaran

PP094. Does the Logistic Method Perform Better than the Naranjo Algorithm for Causality Assessment of Adverse Drug Reactions?
H. The´ophile, M. Andre´, Y. Arimone, F. Haramburu,
G. Miremont Salame´ and B. Be´gaud

PP095. Montelukast and Suicide: Causality Assessment Using Spontaneous Reports and Bradford Hill Guidelines
N. Iessa, K. Star, L. Wilton, S. Curran, R. Edwards, J.K. Aronson, M. Murray, F.M. Besag and I.C. Wong

PP096. Causality Assessment of Adverse Drug Reaction:  Comparison between Pharmaceutical Industry and Pharmacovigilance Centre Using the Updated French Causality Assessment Method
M.B. Valnet Rabier, Y. Arimone, I. Bidault, J.P. Dutertre, M. Ge´rardin, C. Guy, F. Haramburu, D. Hillaire Buys, C. Meglio, C. Penfornis and H. The´ophile

PP097. Role of Drugs in Acute Liver Failure Leading to Transplantation: Results from the 7-Country Study of Acute Liver Transplant (SALT)
E. Gulmez, S. Lignot, D. Larrey, G. Pageaux, Y. Horsmans, B. Stricker, J. Bernuau, F. Bissoli, D. Thorburn, J. Montastruc, F. Hamoud,S. Micon, P. Blin and N. Moore

PP098. Alendronate Tolerability before and after Market Introduction of Generics
J. Petersen, T. Jan, K. Donegan and S. Seabroke

PP099. Investigation of Second Primary Malignancies (SPM) in Multiple Myeloma (MM) Patients Treated with Lenalidomide
N. Minton, C. Castaneda, L. Weiss, N. Brandenburg, D. Gary, J. Freeman, R. Delap, R. Knight, A. Glasmacher, K. Rupalla, J. Zhang and Z. Yu

PP100. Completeness of Initial Serious Adverse Event Forms from Clinical Trial Safety Reporting: A Prospective Chart Survey
P. Ghadge, S. Valsan and P. Watson

PP101. Reasons for the Discontinuation of Treatment with Infliximab at Angers University Hospital: A Follow-Up of 5 Years
H. Martin Huyghe, D. Bourneau Martin, A. Marie, B. Bouvard, E. Metivier, F. Moal, Y. Le Corre, A. Jamet, L. Lagarce and P. Laine´ Cessac

PP102. A Recurrent Acute Urinary Retention in a Child Following a Medication Error
D. Soussi Tanani, A. Chebat, R. Benkirane and R. Soulaymani Bencheikh

PP103. Therapeutic Errors in Older Adults
H. Filali, I. Rahmoun, H. Elkaromi, D. M’zah, A. Miftah and F. Hakkou

PP104. A Pilot Prospective Observational Hospital Study on Adverse Drug Reactions due to Medication Errors
R. Leone,L. Magro, P. D’incau, P. Minuz, F. Paluani, R. Nuvolari , S. Bonafini  and G.P. Velo

PP105. Preventability Analysis of Adverse Drug Reactions Detected by Stimulated Spontaneous Reporting in Two Internal Medicine Departments in Romania
A.M. Farcas, C. Bucsa, A. Sinpetrean, C. Mogosan, D. Dumitrascu, A. Achimas and M. Bojita

PP106. Omitted Doses in a Paediatric Intensive Care Unit: A Pilot Study
A.R. Cox, F. Walele and R. Isaac

PP107. Leg Amputation Following Intramuscular Injection of Iron Dextran in a 32-Year-Old Woman: a Medication Error
G. Shalviri, K. Gholami  and N. Javidnikou

PP108. Medication Error in the Administration of Caffeine in Newborn: Case Report
R. Sahnoun, E. Gaı¨es, N. Jebabli, S. Trabelsi, I. Salouage, R. Charfi, M. Lakhal and A. Klouz

PP109. Are Newly-Introduced Drugs Used Appropriately? An Audit of Rivaroxaban
C. Higham and C. Anton

PP110. National Observational Study on Rational Drug Prescribing and Dispensing in Pharmacies (Morocco)
A. Khattabi, R. Benkirane and R. Soulaymani

PP111. Actions Taken For Laroxyl (Amitriptyline) Intoxication in Children
D. Aydinkarahaliloglu, E. Aykac¸, Y. Kasap, G. Sagis ,C. Babacanoglu, H. Ilbars, H. Ozbek and S. Kerman

PP112. Medication Error with High-Dose MTX Treatment
I. Salouage, E. Gaies, S. Trabelsi, R. Charfi, N. Jebabli, M. Lakhal and A. Klouz

PP113. Preventability of Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs) Leading to Hospital Admissions
L. Alesso, R. Herrera Comoglio and C. Nota

PP114. Effectiveness of Proactive-Approach in a Pharmacovigilance Unit:
Review and Analysis of 3003 Notifications Received
G.A. Keller, M.L. Ponte, P.A. Alvarez, A. Campos and G. Di Girolamo

PP115. Pharmacovigilance on Hospital Admission: Medication Lists and Beyond
P.A. Alvarez, V. Castro, F. Santini, C. Soler, R. Gutierrez, F. Bril, G.A. Keller, G. Di Girolamo and C. Lopez Saubidet

PP116. Adverse Drug Events as a Reason for Admission in a University Teaching Hospital in Argentina
P.A. Alvarez, V. Castro, F. Santini, C. Soler, R. Gutierrez,
F. Bril, G.A. Keller, G. Di Girolamo and C. Lopez Saubidet

PP117. Evaluation of QT-Interval Prolongation: Detection of most Frequently Associated Drugs in Clinical Oncology
C. Bagnes, G.A. Keller, P.A. Alvarez, M.L. Ponte, W. Belloso, A. Campos and G. Di Girolamo

PP118. Evaluation of QT-Interval Prolongation: A Multicenter Study to Detect Drugs more Frequently Associated in the Clinical Practice
G.A. Keller, P.A. Alvarez, M.L. Ponte, W. Belloso, C. Bagnes, A. Campos and G. Di Girolamo

PP119. Suicide Attempts in Mali
H. Hami, T. Diallo, A. Maı¨ga, A. Mokhtari and A. Soulaymani

PP120. High Dimensional versus Conventional Propensity Score Matching to Reduce Confounding in a Study of Coxibs versus Nonselective NSAIDS and Gastrointestinal Complications
E. Garbe, S. Kloss, W. Schill, M. Suling and S. Schneeweiss

PP121. Risk of Subarachnoid Hemorrhage Associated with Outpatient Anticoagulant Use
S. Behr and E. Garbe

PP122. Persistence of Pharmacological Treatment into Adulthood for ADHD Patients who Started Treatment in Childhood or Adolescence in UK Primary Care
S. Mccarthy, L. Wilton,M. Murray,P. Hodgkins, P. Asherson and I.C. Wong

PP123. The Epidemiology of Pharmacologically-Treated Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in Children, Adolescents and Adults in UK Primary Care
S. McCarthy, L. Wilton, M. Murray, P. Hodgkins, P. Asherson and I.C. Wong

PP124. Development of Search Strategies to Identify Reports of Off-Label Drug Use in EMBASE
B. Mesgarpour, M. Muller and H. Herkner

PP125. Detecting Adverse Drug Event by Trigger Tool at a Province Hospital, Thailand
P. Tragulpiankit, N. Yeesoonpan,W. Keratitechakorn, T. Ninsananda, T. Uaviseswong, U. Chaikledkaew, B. Chindavijak, S. Chulavatnatol and AdcoptWorking Team

PP126. Is Chest Pain Related to Ischemic Heart Diseases Only in Cardiac Patients?
H.A. Abdulrazzaq, S. Syed Sulaiman, Y.W. Kassab and O. Ismail

PP127. Skin Rash Induced by Statin in Cardiac Outpatients of Penang General Hospital, Malaysia
H.A. Abdulrazzaq, S. Syed Sulaiman,Y.W. Kassab  and O. Ismail

PP128. Stevens - Johnson syndrome and Drugs and Vaccines:  A Case-Control Study in Children
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Y. Arıkan and T. Benker

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PP208. Screening Local Medical Literature, not Accessible through Digital Databases,is Feasible and Highly Valuable in the Mining of Safety Information
N. Tsiakkas, K. Paschou, K. Krousti, G. Kolangi and Z. Athanassiou

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N.N. Alhazmi

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M. Banovac, A. Andric, V. Macolic Sarinic, N. Mirosevic Skvrce and S. Tomic

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V. Descikova and J. Mlada

PP237. Adverse Events Induced by Oral Contraceptives:  A Review on Reported Cases to a National Pharmacovigilance Centre
N. Javidnikou and G. Shalviri

PP238. Reports Submitted to WHO-UMC by TUFAM through 2008/2009/2010:
Elaborated Assessment of Adverse Reactions in Pediatric Population
E. Aykac¸, D.N. Aydınkarahaliloglu, Y. Kasap, G. Sagis ,C. Babacanoglu, H. Ilbars, H. Ozbek and S. Kerman

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E. Gaies, S. Trabelsi, S. Srairi, I. Salouage, R. Charfi, N. Jebabli, R. Daghfous, M. Lakhal and A. Klouz

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E. Gaies, N. Jebabli, S. Trabelsi, I. Salouage, R. Charfi, M. Lakhal and A. Klouz

PP244 Comparison of Knowledge, Attitude, and Practices of Doctors and Nurses on Adverse Drug Reaction Monitoring and Reporting in a Tertiary Care Hospital (not in the abstract book)
H S Rehan, YK Gupta, R Sah, and D Chopra